1.Reduction of the number of absents by 10%, in the first 2 years after the project ended, by involving students in extracurricular activities that will develop their self-esteem and learning motivation 2.Improving didactic competences through active implication of 50 participating teachers at training activities in partner schools, lasting 24 months, through practice exchange. 3.Developing of intercultural, linguistic and digital competences of 115 European students during the project period through proposed international activities and awareness of European affiliation. 4.Reducing the number of cases of school violence by 20% in the first 2 years after the project ended by developing competences (teamwork, tolerance, social empathy)

The results of the project :

A videoclip with the message “STOP VIOLENCE IN SCHOOL” in the partners`  own languages and in English

Making a CV in Europass format, a motivation letter, a preparation for the employing interview;

A comparative study of education systems from the 5 partner countries – electronic guide

An e-dictionary of common phrases with words and phrases from participating countries

Making a short movie that includes the fifteen important personalities of partner cities;

A virtual album with heritage photos from partner cities (QR Code Generator)

A monthly culinary calendar in English and in the participants` languages

A brochure called “15 European cities placed on 7 hills”.

Kahoot questionnaires for students` assessment;

A virtual tour of the 7 hills of each partner city;

A tourist guide named “Europe on 7 Hills”;

The project logo;

About Project

The project is funded by the European Commission through the ERASMUS + KA2 program, strategic partnerships between schools

The aim of the project is to increase the active participation and school performance of students with risk of dropout, who come from disadvantaged social backgrounds, through critical thinking development activities for social, intercultural, digital and linguistic competences.