The „Ion Holban” Technical College was founded in 1973; it was initially a school designed for physically disabled pupils. The „Ion Holban” Technical College is now the only school in Romania that provides education to both pupils with special educational needs and mainstream students, regardless of sex, religion, ethnicity, or religious views. Our students can choose a field, a particular qualification from the varied offer of our school: Tourism and Public Nourishment, the Aesthetics and Hygiene of the Human Body, Tailoring (Textile Industry) and Economics. The physically disabled pupils with ages 7 to 18 are provided with adequate instructive educational and therapeutic processes by our specialists. Our educational offer comprises all educational levels: elementary, junior high(special needs) high school, (mainstream education and special needs)and post high school. Our school provides instruction to both mainstream and special education . The motto of our school is. „Excellence in recovery, integration, professionalisation”. The didactic process takes place in 34 classrooms, 3 laboratories (Physics/ Chemistry-1; Computer Science -2), 8 workshops (hairdressing -3; cosmetics-1; pastry workers and cooks-1; tailoring-3), a school library, a festivities hall, a gym . The students’ physical recovery activities take place in cabinets of kinetotherapy and hydro kinetotherapy. Our school has a didactic staff qualified made up of 107 teachers of various disciplines: 66 teachers of sciences and humanities, 9 instructors, 8 primary school teachers, 13 teachers dealing with disabled children, and 6 kineto therapists. . In the last few years, there has been a decrease in our students’ motivation for learning, leading to a larger number of students prone to failure and even dropout. Thus, our school is to adapt teaching strategies to provide a friendly environment to help students develop their critical thinking, acquire new language skills, social, digital, intercultural through specific activities that will take place in this project. This project is intended to be a continuation of the two Easus KA1 projects implemented by our school this year, and the skills acquired by teachers will be shared with students and teachers from other countries during transnational meetings. The team has experience in implementing other Erasmus+, national and international projects. The project team consists of: -the project manager with experience in other 2 projects -the project monitor is the coordinator of the Commission to reduce school dropout, – contact person- was a coordinator for an Erasmus KA1 school education project, etwnning member – responsible for liaising with external partners, -responsible for dissemination -responsible with the assessment: -responsible financial: economist experienced in all Erasmus projects. They have project management courses. If the project manager he leaves the job, will be provided by the. The millions of beyonc fans that make up the beyhive can be expected order essay online to write my assignment for me do the same


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