Our school is a vocational and technical high school. There are 75 teachers and 1743 students in our school. Our students are seventeen or eighteen years old. We have three education fields: Map, deed and cadastre, Transportation and lastly İnformatics departments. The students that study at informatics field aim to specialize about computer. On the other hand, this field presents opportunities to the students related to software and hardware programmes. Our school have suburb environment. So, many students are on the difficult conditions as a material. The number of students that are bad their economic conditions is 500 in total. The scope of our school is regional. Sometimes, our district organizes social activities for schools. For example, it is organized trips to different provinces, educational theatres for students and also seminars, courses for teachers. The general needs of students are based on guidance service. Because we have not a school counselor. When our students face a phsychological problems, both students and teachers have difficulty on this subject. Their career prospects are being computer engineer or transportation engineer. The student’s level of interest in school and education is not high. They are unaware of advantages and disadvantages of education because of puberty. As we know it, we try to increase their interest by doing projects. The proportion of class passing is percentage of 70 in our school. As we look at the environment, the success of our school is more low. Our school needs firstly a school counselor. The advantages of our school are being in the centre of city, being close to the tramway, being close to culture centre and municipilatiy, having young and energic teachers. The disadvantages of our school are having numbers of many students, not being close to the cooperation services. As a present priority, we need to school and sector cooperation. Although our school have little opportunities and crowded classes, it is succesful at the cooperation of teacher-teacher, teachermanagement and teacher-staff. Everybody tries to complete the deficiencies by cooperating with each other. Our school tries to meet the needs of students and teachers. We face difficulties related to extreme number of the students, deficiency of the sector cooperation, We have 12 teachers that will involved in this project. Their names are Nuray Yüksel(manager), Bestami Kaplan( informatics), Gülsen Küçükgüldal ( english), Selin Karayapıcı ( literature ), Birgül Demircan ( philosopy ), Gülsüm Şengül ( informatics ), Merve Özer Atıcı ( transportation ), Suzan Türkan ( biology ), Kudret Atak ( transportation ), Emel Şentürk ( informatics ) Mehmet Ali Sarısu(informatics) and  Ebru Bayram(literature). Interestingly, a modern word for a similar type of do my essay cheap women`s underwear panties could be substituted here without sacrificing rhyme


Address : Uğur Mumcu Mahallesi O cad. 2317 Sok. no:19 SULTANGAZİ/İSTANBUL
Telephone:0212 475 35 06
E-Mail: 751600@meb.k12.tr