Liceo Classico ‘Pilo Albertelli” is an old and famous Classical High School situated in the centre of Rome, capital of Italy. It is not far from the main monuments, museums and parks, easily reachable by public transport. The building is composed by four floors with a lift. On the first floor there are the Headmaster’s office, the secretary’s office, the teachers’ room and many laboratories (Physics, Science, Internet room, Art and Language labs). On the second floor we have the students’ classrooms and other laboratories, there is also an ancient museum of Physics. There is also a choir with about 50 students. We have about 800 students aged from 14 to 19. There are about 60 teachers, some technicians for the laboratories, a librarian. The main subjects studied are Ancient Greek, Ancient Latin, Italian, Maths, History, Physics, Geography, Science, Art, Physical Activities and English. The school was founded in 1879 and it is entitled to Pilo Albertelli, one of the teachers of this school who was murdered during the Second World War by the Nazi. In the past, many famous people studied in this school like Enrico Fermi (Nobel Prize for Physics in 1938), Ugo Ojetti and Carlo Cassola (writers) and Ettore Scola (film director). Our school offers the students high quality educational services, in national and European context. We have three youth exchanges with Spain, Germany and Sweden every year. So, our students are used to speak English and take part in these exchanges. The motivation to join this project is based on the idea to promote and increase our students’ awareness of European citizenship and different cultures in Europe, giving to a wide part of students the possibility to open their minds as we find very interesting and also very important to let our students to get in touch with students of the same age from other countries and cultures. Because the early school leavings is a real problem it is our duty to stop this phenomenon as teenagers sometimes don’t know how to talk about their problems at school with their classmates or with their teachers. Anyway, the staff is very highly qualified, we have language specialists, teachers of general subjects and teachers of special subjects. The staff that will take part in the project will be composed by English teachers, the European project coordinator and four teachers from different subject areas. If someone can’t take part for any reason, there will be other colleagues who can become part of the project. The project funds will be managed by the school accountant and will be. Der bedarf an spurenelementen ist mengenmäßig gering, aber für die gesunderhaltung ghostwriting kosten des körpers sind sie unerlässlich


Address: Via Daniele Manin 72, Via dell’Esquilino 31 (00185, Roma) 
Telephone: 0612 112 75 20