Results Of Project

– the project logo;

– a virtual tour of the 7 hills of each partner city;

– making a short movie that includes the fifteen important personalities of partner cities;

– a comparative study of education systems from the 5 partner countries – electronic guide

– an e-dictionary of common phrases with words and phrases from participating countries

– a monthly culinary calendar in English and in the participants` languages

– a virtual album with heritage photos from partner cities (QR Code Generator)

– a videoclip with the message “STOP VIOLENCE IN SCHOOL” in the partners`  own languages and in English

– Kahoot questionnaires for students` assessment;

– making a CV in Europass format, a motivation letter, a preparation for the employing interview;

– a tourist guide named “Europe on 7 Hills”;

– a brochure called “15 European cities placed on 7 hills”.